Captain Steven Forsberg Jr.

Meet the Captain

I was born and raised in Montauk, growing up on the Viking dock. In fact, I sailed on my first two day Tuna Trip at age five.  By age eight, I was riding my bike to the docks to work as a helper mate to my Uncle Donny on Frank Braddick's charter boat "Hurry Up".  By age eleven or twelve, I was a regular mate on the Viking Fleet party boats. And at age eighteen, I earned my Captains License and was running as the second captain, along side my father, on tuna and tile trips. By age nineteen, I had upgraded to my 100 Ton License and that fall I began running the two day Tuna Trips and have never looked back. I have fished from the Gulf of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and made many trips up and down the coast with our boats from Montauk, NY to Tarpon Springs, FL. I love all kinds of fishing, but offshore fishing for tuna and deep water bottom fishing is my passion. I was greatly involved with the design and construction of the Viking FiveStar and I'm proud to be the primary captain of her. In the two season that we have had the Viking FiveStar running, I have had some amazing trips and we have caught over a hundred different species. I always look forward to our next trip where ever it may take us. My family has been involved in the fishing industry for Four generations. I currently work in our family business with my Grandfather Paul, my father Steven Sr. and my cousin Carl. The industry is changing and we here at the Viking Fleet intend to change with it.

Viking Fivestar